Massa Takemoto / Jean Honeymoon – SEASONS EP

SEASONS – From Jazzy Downbeats to Deep House

Japanese Multiinstrumentalist, producer and film music composer Massa Takemoto and his musical partner Jean Honeymoon, Lounge Diva Deluxe, are a musical match made In Heaven, although both happily married to other partners 😉 While they have yet to meet in person, it seems they’ve known each other for years. „Ever since I first heard Jean’s voice, I’ve wanted the chance to collaborate with her,“ says Massa Takemoto. „Now that I’ve gotten that opportunity, it couldn’t have been at a better time. The release of ‚Seasons‘ appropriately coincides with a time for big changes in my life, and the music is all the closer to my heart for it.“

And Jean Honeymoon couldn’t be happier about the cooperation as well: „The lyrics and vocal melodies came not only from within, they were inspired by Massa’s music – making it easy for me to tell the story I wanted to tell.“ Jean co-wrote the Seasons EP with fellow Peacelounge artist Takemoto whilst recovering at home from a disability related injury – her song lyrics celebrating life and love before and after permanent disability in 2010. One is tempted to call their musical relationship „symbiotic“, a perfect match, as they share the sense of depth and melancholy, yet at the same time life-affirming power in music which pervades the atmosphere of all tracks on this ep: „Seasons“ is a bona fide jazzy deep house number, „We Are“ is easily recognized by its signature bass line which provides a big bouncy cushion for Jean’s dreamy vocals. Speaking of „dreamy“: „Stargazing“ completes the set with a loungey downtempo groove and melancholic vocal fragments… Enjoy!

A1 „Seasons“ (120 bpm)
B1 „We Are“ (120 bpm
B2 „Stargazing“ (96 bpm)