popdeurope 3 – popLab.Europa

Along with the festival itself, our popdeurope-compilation has grown into an ambitions, yet highly entertaining project: With the likes of Nitin Sawhney, Calexico, Shantel, !Deladap, Kana as well as Kaizers Orchestra, Camille, Roy Paci, Think of One and many other border-breaking acts, this album really attempts nothing less than presenting the state of Europe’s avant-pop globalist music scene.

Anything goes – from Italian Ragga to Norwegian Folk-Alternative-Rock-Madness, mesmerising Balkan Beats blend with North African Hip Hop to form a Trans-European Party Arena. Recommended for open-minded oeople of all ages and tastes…

more details on popdeurope3 – the album and popdeurope – the festival